Discovering where you live

After a year of lockdown we thought we knew our area pretty well. Our London suburb is relatively safe especially during the day.

It does have its issues.

If you asked me if I feel safe when the sun sets walking alone, the answer is no.

I don’t but that’s for another time.

Gav always insists I get the bus even though it’s just a 15 minute walk from town. Since lockdown and Covid we haven’t been in that situation so exploring our surrounding on our one hour of exercise hasn’t been an option. But apparently our government has laid a roadmap out of Covid.

I hope it works

But I hope more that they aren’t rushing things to take us to a worse place and another winter in total lockdown.

On Sunday’s we combine a weekly shop with our walk and we discovered we have a local Philippine mini market selling spices, meats, noodles and we are thrilled. It’s a tiny treasure trove of good smells and exotic foods. Our wedding food was Filipino and everyone loved it! Adobe sauce is a firm favourite on a roast chicken or chicken wings and now we have the means to try it ourselves.

There aren’t many backstreets off the high street but still it was a lovely discovery. it’s strange to think it been there for years and we never noticed it. We have a mini Asian supermarket in the mall but we don’t often go there unless we are getting meat from the butcher.

At the moment we are exploring the world through our stomachs, trying different cuisines, ordering restaurant food boxes.

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