My house this month: Chair love

So the challenge is set. Everyday on Instagram I will post a picture of my house. This is going to be fun and hopefully get my super spring cleaning on! I am going to try and blog every day too.

We will see

First challenge is called on the chair.

We have a small Victorian terrace and we love it.

A true gem

It is a true gem filled with some original features. We have 4 original fire places and ceiling road and cornasing which we wouldn’t change for anything. The old owners loved our little house too and they really looked after it.

They put picture rails in 4 rooms and we love hanging out pictures from it!

But this is about a chair. It’s from swoon editions and really comfortable. The wooden frame is stained in a gorgeous ashy grey colour and the cushions are beige.

Dull choices

This was a mistake. We were aware that the room had a lot of colour. Greys mushrooms and teal. So we didn’t want to go too crazy with the covers. We should have gone for a stronger colour because we have pets!

The pets love this seat and leave there hair all over it. It marks easy and although it is a washable cover it is still a pain. I may have to dye it at one stage but we all know that I live a bit of dying.

It suits the room, we dress it up with brightly coloured cushions and if Frank is determined to we put a blanket down for him.

This chair is super comfy and on a day to day use does become a dumping ground. My napkins are resting on top of it till I get a tub to put them in and have a suit jacket normally lives there too.

Bar Cart

So I used to work in Hampstead and down one of the little alleyways is a gorgeous little antique shop. I have bought my cake silver ware and this little bar cart. It’s vintage and both the top and bottom are trays! We never use this for its trays I always wanted it for my gin.

Unfortunately my gin collection has grown from a handful to over 40 different gins. So now my little cart doesn’t really take the weight. It has been moved to the dining room because the wedding making is taking over the house.

Trends are here to stay!

But I love it. I don’t care if it’s in trend even when it’s not my cart will stay.

I am not a trend person. They do effect me obviously! My house is filled with plants and I would have more if Gav would let me.

So if I do invest my money in something for the house then it’s here to stay. Forever!

I am not a frivolous shopper. I like what I like and I am good at finding bargains.

Our chair is here to stay. We love it, we may change it but we would never get rid of it unless it was broken.

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