Wedding Catch Up

It’s been a busy weeklife wise. So, todays blog will just be a quick catch up on what’s beenhappening with the wedding planning and other bits. We go on holiday for a weekto Bulgaria so if you follow me on Instagram you may get a little bored of thepictures.

Bits I have completed

  • Booked hair and makeup trial
  • Sourced napkins
  • Bought some wedding shoes
  • Bought my niece a flower girl dress
  • May have-found bridesmaids dress after all
  • Fix my pompom gloves
  • Snowboarding holiday

Invites haven’t been finished which is naughty as I wanted to post them out at the end of the month.I still may be able to but I need to pull my finger our and get on with it. I have some other paper crafting bits that at first, I thought I would cut it myself but being frugal doesn’t always mean DIY. Sometimes it is cheaper and looks better to outsource. I am looking at to get me nice results but we will see.


 The plan is that I dye my napkins by hand. I-am getting the Danette’s involved in this one and as I don’t have a real lawn, Iwill have to cover the whole thing in dust sheets so it doesn’t get dyed. Gavin will kill me. Charlotte went on the hunt for real linen napkins for me so wehave the wonderful task of dying 140 napkins So far she has sourced 85. I have already bought the dye this is going to look lovely on the tables.

 Yay, I am waiting for a warmer day we can do-this.

I did look at hiring linens but because I am cutting the table runners, I thought it made sense to make or dye the napkins to suit our theme. It also worked out that for me andmy friends spending an afternoon changing them far cheaper than hiring. They can-always be cleaned, bundled up and resold after. Plus we can keep a set forever.

I have ordered a lot more wedding bunting which my friend is picking up on her trip home which is great. My friends all over are sourcing some large vintage flags for me.

When everyone asked me-if I needed help. I wasn’t shy and asked people to get things for me.

Wedding shoes

I found some lovely green shoes that I like but they are a little plain. So Jess one of my Danettes is adding a bit of sparkle to my green shoes. She is a master at transforming shoes ( it is her job) but she also has a real love for it. I can’t wait to see the end result. It also means that I can take the pressure of myself to find the perfect Designer shoe. I am still looking but my back up pair are going tobe amazing.

Snow boarding holiday

We are off on holiday this month to the beautiful Bulgaria. I have never been but I am so excited to go. I always have a few jobs to do before. Like sewing up my Primark gloves that unravelled 30 seconds after I put them on.

You get what you pay for!

It took me less than 5 minutes to fix them and I love the colour!

So the rest of the week was all about packing washing and cleaning. I have made a master list and have enjoyed ticking it off. Yes my bullet journal will be coming with me because I need to make more lists!

To do this month

  • Send invites to printers
  • Book legal bit
  • Book lunch on legal bit
  • Order rest of table clothes
  • Get fit
  • Secure band
  • Enjoy my holiday

Time is running out next month it will just be 5 months till we are Husband and Wife and I can wait. Yes I typed that write I can wait. I need more time. he he. I cant wait to be his wife I just hope I can achieve everything. Sorry it was a little short but next Wednesday one is already much longer!

I hope you all have alovely week.

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