Songs that get stuck in your head… my favourites

Day 8, 5 Favourite Songs, 30 blog challenge

I have eclectic taste in music so 5 really isn’t enough. So I thought that maybe I would give my completely random play list Top 20 go instead. This is not in order at all. But Britney belongs at the top!

My happy place Playlist:

  1. Crazy by Britney Spears
  2. Happiness by Rud hull
  3. 3 little birds by Bob Marley
  4. Happiness by Alexa Jordon
  5. You can’t hurry love by Phil Collins
  6. Island in the Sun by Weezer
  7. I wanna be like you by Louis Armstrong
  8. Karma Police by Radiohead
  9. Make you feel my love Adele
  10. Promise this by Cheryl
  11. Stella by Incubus
  12. Country house by Blur
  13. Songbird by Oasis
  14. Top of the world by Imagine dragons
  15. I wanna know by Whitney Huston
  16. Blue suede Shoes by Cher
  17. Boogie Feet by Kesha
  18. Love is a battle field by Pat Banater
  19. Too Close by Alex Clare
  20. Peaches by Presidents of the United States


So I love these songs for many many reasons. I told you it would be random. I don’t want you hating on Britney or Cheryl. I love them and that is that. I didn’t like Girls Aloud much but I have 3 Cheryl Albums so I am a fan. Strangely, Beyonce didn’t make the cut and I listen to her all the time. She would probably be 21!

I told Gavin I loved him when one of these songs was playing.

Island in the sun is my Seychelles song so I can’t help chilling on the beach with it!

Most of these songs make me get up on the dance floor and shake my ass. Especially old Whitney Huston songs. I do love a power ballad but not a lot of those made the cut either.


Blur was the first band I ever saw and growing up I listened to Indie Rock. Blur with always be one of my absolute favourite. Country house is just purely joyful. I also love Oasis but I found them too rude. Lyrically they are far superior to Blur but they don’t bring me as much joy. Song bird however is the loveliest song, I also love Bernard Fannings Song Bird as well.

Presidents gig

Presidents of the United States

First band me and Gavin saw together. 3 weeks into our relationship he introduced me to his friends as his girlfriend. We drank bad beer, danced my feet sore and sang very loudly to the lyrics. I told Gav I loved the band! He bought me a T-shirt as a memory. It was an extra small so I will never wear it again.

But I love that night, I love that band and I love that song!


I have seen incubus twice, once at Reading Festival ( bit of a rock chick), once at Nottingham. They are so good live and I love them. I got my brother listening to them too!

Gav loves a bit on Incubus so we love listening to them whilst kitchen dancing with Frank. I have so many great memories of dancing with my friends at uni, dancing at Rock City in Nottingham, wearing sky high orange stilettos and very short skirts! Incubus and Nottingham will always go hand in hand.

Radiohead was the first album I stole from my sister. I love Thom York’s soulful voice. I have never seen Radiohead play and this upsets me as I love this music.

I dated a lovely guy at Uni and he was a big Radiohead fan, he lent me Kid A and selfishly I never gave it back. He was standing in line for Radiohead tickets contemplating getting me one, we weren’t together, then he remembered I still had his album and he thought no way. When we bumped into each other he told me the story. We both laughed and I still think it’s funny!

Challenge failed

So picking 5 songs was a complete fail. I need to get a bigger play list. I am pretty sure I will change this a thousand times.

Songs can transport you back to another time and place. I love music with really clever lyrics but I also love songs with great beats that make me dance like a crazy person. I still can’t believe Tina and Dolly aren’t up there!

At least I wrote a blog and you got to learn about my terrible, weird taste in music.

I love all these songs

Love them!

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