Thoughts on education

Day 16, thoughts on education, 30 day blog challenge

I teach art to children and adults so I can talk bout education from my experience only.

I am an army brat so I went to a lot of schools, a lot. It meant that my learning was effected and my dyspraxia didn’t get picked up. I wasn’t at schools long enough for them to pick it up.

Good start

I was really lucky. I had a lot of great teachers! A lot, especially at secondary school, not so great at college but followed by wonderful teachers at University.

Teachers are key to a great education there are alway good among the bad.

I am not a teacher by profession but from the few classes I teach a week I know that teaching is hard. The kids can be so insiteful and funny or they can be difficult and obstinate just like adults. Except they are just kids.

Kids drawings of me where they can’t look at the page!

Fairs fair

Teaching is hard on so my levels. The kids who disrupt your class often need a lot more guidance, which means the well behaved kids can get less attention even though they still need it. So I try and be fair with my time and my enthusiasm! At the end of the day they are just kids who want to be creative.

Education is so important. School or lessons ( I teach home school kids as well) are so important at any age. They are a place where kids can draw, create and discuss what ever they wish. I encourage them too.

I do agree that politics enter schools far too much. The arts are the first to be hacked to pieces which is so sad as this is a great outlet for children who aren’t so academic.

I don’t think there is enough practical teachings in school. Children should be taught about savings, bank accounts professions and the paths to get there. I know some schools do teach this, but not enough.

Bad Vs Good

I understand that education comes in different forms and that teachers in what ever shape, trained ones, ones like me or parents that teach, it’s bloody hard. Planning, prepping and inspiring is not always easy and you have to be in the right mindset.

So bad teachers do exist but they exist to different children. As in a teacher who likes your child and bonds with them may be another child’s bad teacher.

I hope I am not a bad teacher.

Education is vital throughout your life. I have said before that I would like to do my MA and there are so many things to learn in life. Mario was my last teacher (snowboarding) and he gave me so much confidence. Where I didn’t have it before.

What are your thoughts on education?

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