I just read a terrible blog on the cons of wearing glasses on your wedding day! Here is my two cents

Seriously, this is what they wrote:

Con : you will be bespectacled forever

Con : it may be awkward when you kiss

Con: light reflection


Let’s break it down shall we!

This blog was obviously written on the bus to work! Ha ha little dig at myself there. By a moron, not me, who has never worn glasses in their perfect vision life.

So the first con

You will be bespectacled for ever! I have worn glasses since I was 10. Pretty sure every photo that has ever been taken of me was wearing glasses bar a few. So the day when I am surrounded by friends and family and the wedding of my dreams ( blood, sweat and tears) hell yes I am wearing glasses.

They are me.

It maybe awkward when you have the first kiss.


Seriously someone wrote this. In all my glasses wearing years I have never, not once had an issue kissing with my glasses on. I mean, who is this person. Is Gavin going to suspend me upside down and kiss me because yes! Then there may be an issue with gravity and my face! My glasses may fall off!

But most other scenarios unless my niece high kicks me in the face it ain’t happening.

Pretty sure I can managed a kiss not a groping snog I front of my family without sideswiping the glasses from my face.

A clash of my head against Gavs is not going to happen!

Oh god what if my eyeballs fell out as well, that is more bloody likely.

Light reflection

Okay this one isn’t so bad. Except the fact that I have a million pictures of me wearing glasses without having weird light reflections and that not even with a special coatings my glasses. I chose this pic on purpose because I think the light actually looks cool!

But seriously, seriously.

Maybe not as many brides get married in there glasses but a million grooms do. I bet none of this vapid advice was suggested to any grooms getting married.

In conclusion

I am not saying you have to get married in your glasses because you wear them all the time. I am just saying that I want to look like me on my wedding day.

A pretty glasses wearing version of myself!

Without all these none existent, Glasses clashing nonsense.

My advise to you. Do what you want it’s your head and face and your body for that matter.

But don’t be put off by idiots who need to get a quick blog out without any thoughts in their none glasses wearing heads!

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