Get of your high horse and let me watch my Love Island

I watch Love Island and I don’t care what you think of me. I am an intelligent feminist who bloody loves it. Who are you to judge.? Do you sit on your high horse spouting Shakespeare at me, nope?

I love my politics too, Brexit had me and Gavin debating every night about the campaign and how disillusioned it all is. I have many interests and a mind that is always full of questions. A bit of mindless TV helps me quiet my mind. It’s my TV therapy.

are all your TV choices perfect?

I don’t care about your choices. We live in a world where people have the right to an opinion which is fine, but I have the right not to hear it or read it.

Get off your high horse and accept that sometimes I watch drivel, okay I watch a lot of drivel. I also watch a lot of documentaries and art movies but I don’t put you down for your choices but you have no issue deriding me for mine. You also don’t praise me for what you deem a good decision in tv watching!

I am not talking about my friends who don’t approve, they know me, they know I love it. I know what they watch so I know that they don’t really judge me. Even if they do rub me for it!

I am just going to say this I love my TV. I do

I am generally drawing or working when I watch it but sometimes, I just like to zone out when I am making 1 million wedding invites.

So Love island is trashy, I don’t love the sexing on TV, that’s really grim. I also don’t like how bitchy it can get but a few years ago we had a game changer and she changed the show. Yes, I am talking about Camilla Thurlow. She taught everyone that they should be nice to each other and set the tone for the next two series. This year’s winners are two of the nicest people. In fact, with the exception of Curtis who appears very manipulative. All the top four couples are people I could see myself being friends with as they are appeared to be fairly decent human beings.

This year the contestants have been fairly respectful and chivalrous which has been lovely to see. Ovie and Greg came across as lovely guys and although Tommy and Calum were a little soft for my likening they were still very kind to the rest of the house. The girls had a little bit more drama about them but Amber was my favourite from the start, Francesca and Maura were hilarious and again Molly Mae was nice just a bit too soft.

It was all light hearted at the end of the day.

My point is, that before you judge someone’s TV choices remember that you wouldn’t like them judging you.

People like to spout issues of exploitation and low IQ, yet this year we had a Pharmacist and engineer, lawyer, a bio chemist fireman and scientist but you know they are all a bunch of thickos?

How quick are we to judge, yes a lot of them weren’t very bright, some have had some enhancement, not my type of look but they seem happy with themselves so I don’t mind. They are attractive bunch of people which I s why I used to watch Summer Bay and and lots of shows. I think that it is wonderful that the world is starting to understand mental health issues but is a show responsible for this? To a point but not solely.

I am not embarrassed to say that I watch Love island. I am embarrassed for you and your opinions. Do I come away from it thinking wow I learned something today? Or wow my life has changed because of that episode, nope, but I don’t kid myself either.

Some people watch games shows, fishing programs, David Attenborough on repeat. Me I am partial to my Sci Fi and Fantasy, Cooking programs I find soothing, Love a bit of Poirot as much as I like a dark gripping murder mystery.

My tastes, like my friends and my life are eclectic. I don’t belong in a box so please don’t put me in one. Could I live without Love Island, Of course but I feel that way about most TV, I just don’t want to.

I don’t begrudge you your TV therapy so get of your high horse and let me watch my love Island.

Images from ITV

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