Planning my week and next month

It is no secret that I love to plan, not having a job means that I should be planning more. I don’t have to set time aside because time is the one thing I have lots of.

I cried when I packed up my desk and I tidied it all away last week.

So this week I set up my desk again, set my self some tasks and goals for the month for the week.

Last week

I was pretty happy with what I achieved last week but I can be more focused and do a lot more. I snuck in a few salads and veggie meals into our routine Gavin wasn’t impressed but he ate them and I will continue to sneak them in.

We have a lovely tiny Victorian home ( technically its Edwardian because it was built in 1905 built in the Victorian style etc etc.)We have lived here for 6 years now and it needs a bit of love. The walls need painting, I need a new kitchen ( its falling apart). but I know I can do some bits myself. So in our sitting room me have mold under the window so last week I scraped back and painted with a damp seal. It was a lot of work but it’s done now ready for repainting.


I like to meal plan, it helps me order food, we are still getting out food delivered so we can still isolate. I also made a vow at the start of this that I was going to cut down my

We are working from home so that means breakfast lunch and dinner, although at the weekend we generally just have two meals a day. Gavin sorts himself out for breakfast and we take it in turns to put the coffee pot on. Lunches and dinners are up to me. I love to cook so I am trying out lots of new

1959s house wife

I am starting to turn into a 1950s housewife, does that mean that I am allowed to drink from 2pm? I don’t actually mind the cooking and some of the cleaning but it’s only been a week.

I may share some of my planner with you like I did when I started my blog. I have been spending a bit more time in it, making lists and organising my week in a less structured way.

Hope you had a good week and you are all safe and well.

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