7 Things I have loved this month

I thought it would be nice to share 7 things I have loved this month. It’s a simple format but things I am super happy about. When the world is so full of turmoil it is nice to find simple things to find joy in at the moment.

So below is just 7 things giving me positivity. Favourite clothes, skincare, plants, tv shows, home wear, books and finally my hair.


Look, I have been living in my dungarees on cool days. I love them. Comfy, practical I have a pair with paint on and my good pair.

I definitely need more colours.

Two pairs is not enough.

That was super short but I am not sure how much I can go on about how much I love my dungarees ha ha.

Lumene balm

Are dry lips hereditary? My lips always peel and flake really badly. I have been using this balm every night for the last 3 months and haven’t had a dry lip day yet! I now swear by this balm and when I run out ( you get a lot of product) I will repurchase as I love it.

Ally MacBeal & glass birds

So last month I finished Ally MacBeal the series and then I got a new Monstera plant. So it seems only fair to call her Ally MacBeal! I can’t wait to propagate her but she is still settling in so I need to let her breath for a year before I make new plants.

I have wanted a philodendron for years and I have no reason not to have one. I want a large plant for the window and this may be it… or maybe I will get another one.

To continue with my plant theme Gavin bought me some gorgeous glass birds. You fill them up with water and stick them in. The plant draws from the birds to help themselves. It makes it hard to overwater them and you just fill them up when they are empty.

It won’t kill my plants, I can go away and not worry about them. They are really beautiful two and they are glass so better for the environment. I do worry about smashing them but so far so good.

I have them in bear ( pictured) Ally MacBeal the philodendron and Prince Charles the peace lily.

I have one left but I don’t have another larger plant but I will save it.

Bear is going to live on the shelf I think?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I loved watching it when I was a kid but I never realised how good it was till I started rewatching it! The jokes the fluidity of the conversation, this is an excellent show.

They really don’t make them like this anymore. A strong female lead who doubts herself, gets angry, dies a few times and is confused by love. It truly brilliant. I started right at the beginning so I am now on series two and loving every episode.

New towels

Okay, nothing groundbreaking, these are not game changing towels but they are lovely and huge. We bought two each and I turned into a Monica and said Gav couldn’t use them. So he bought two more so we can use those.

They are huge beach towels but we both prefer big towels to normal bath size ones. Love the colours and the softness. They are from Soho House and we would definitely recommend them. I just wish they did hand towels in the same colours!

The Dutch House by Ann Patchett & Podcast This Podcast Will Kill You

So my sister recommended me this book. I got confused because my sister was talking about this book and I was talking about the Miniturist which I read last summer.

So far is wonderful bittersweet and sad. I am trying to read before I go to bed. I haven’t been sleeping and great so a reading wind down has been.

As I have been cleaning and redecorating the house I have been loving Podcasts! This one is the best, funny sweet educational shocking. The first one focuses on Infuenza and I can’t wait to get to corona virus. They drink they laugh they cry and you do it all with them. I am thoroughly enjoying it but most of all I am learning a lot.

Feeling more myself but mainly new hair!

I am not sure how you have feeling but I haven’t really recognised myself over the last few months. A bit ( maybe a lot) has to do with weight gain. I chopped off my hair in April and I wish I hadn’t. Yes I liked it short but I didn’t feel like myself.

I have felt so ugly and uncomfortable in my own skin and that isn’t helped the extra stone I am carrying. That’s me getting into my own head. I think everyone gets feels like this at some stage. I know Instagram is full of angles and filters but it doesn’t help.

It’s hard looking in the mirror and not knowing who the person is looking back.

I love my new hair, I feel a little bit like Rogue from the X-man I just wanted to cover the the grey hairs.


So it’s been a month of ups and downs. My headspace is finally getting there. But I am okay. It’s only been a few days with my hair but I feel like myself. These 7 things are making me so happy I wanted to share them.

What things are making you happy at the moment?

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