Birthday thoughts: Lest we Forget

I am a remembrance baby and Proud.

My dad was a soldier so every year we had to go to parades and watch the White pony walk through with his proud maroon beret on.

My dad is a Para

The poppy is my favourite flower for how beautiful and delicate it is, and yet how strong and powerful it is.

I also support the Royal British Legion for all there work they do to soldiers and their families, still.

Politically I am liberal, I believe in peace, love and unity.

I am proud to be British but I don’t agree with brexit

I am also a Royalist, Forces Brats often are we can’t help it.

I support the troops and dislike how they are treated by our government before during and most importantly after there service.

I am a bloody lucky girl to have been raised in a loving family who all live to travel and be together.

Our family has grown, into my siblings partners family and to my husbands family. I could be without them.

I am also surround by kind loving friends who support each other every fricking day.

I am bloody lucky and I know it. So I may not be having a slap up feast in a restaurant in London but I know that all my friends and family are safe at this time.

I believe in listening to both sides because there are only a few bad people in this world. Most people are good they just aren’t being heard and that can turn into hate, fear and anger.

So I am remembering not only the people who fought for my freedom but those who are still fighting for it.

All the activists who are peacefully trying to change things.

Black Lives Matter community
The LGBT community
The Transgender community
The abolishment of ableism community

Remembrance has never been about blame.

So we should support each other, we should wear our poppies with pride and we should all try and make this world a better safer place for everyone!

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