Scrubbing the kitchen

I will be painting the kitchen, hopefully this month. But before I start I need to gut it, organise and throw away anything old and broken. It has taken me two days to gut it and I still have a wee bit of work to do.

It feels good.

It feels great to have a clean and tidy kitchen.

Somethings I am super happy with but other things still need work. I have a lot of bin and recycling bags outside my house for tomorrow’s bin collection. I am appalled with the amount of crap I have collated. I have empty boxes for appliances that we bought 2 years ago???

Sometimes I would like to shake my lazy arse.

It’s all gone in the recycling.

I found so many things. Light bulbs, coal for the fire, random mugs which I will keep, a bag of clothes I haven’t been able to fit in for at least three years ( straight in the charity bag). I know I like stuff but it was ridiculous.

Get scrubbing

So I began with washing and putting away. Then I started washing down the cabinets and emptying the drawers.

I still have one draw left to do but it makes me so happy. I bought a bamboo organiser in my drawers. When it arrived I thought it would never fit all the knives.

It does.

It’s amazing!

It felt like therapy sorting it out. We only have 3 drawers, 3. Our cutlery drawer, knife and tools, cooking utensils. That’s it. That’s all I have.

It didn’t take me long to do and cooking now is great.

The under stairs cupboard

I was dreading this.

We Chuck things in the under stairs cupboard like it’s a dumping ground. We barely shut the door because we don’t look at it. You can walk into it but it’s at an awkward angle.

If I have my way I will block it up and move the door to the dining room. This will mean that I can put another cupboard plus move the oven and fit my much desired dishwasher in!!

It was a mess. We don’t store food in here but we do put beer and crisps in it. It a big space but generally, it gets filled up with carrier bags! So it needed gutting.

Scrubbing the counters

I really cleaned and scrubbed all the counters. It’s still full of spices and nice things. It’s still cluttered as I love to cook. We still need a read bin and a potato sack but it’s much better organised.

I am so happy with it.

Tomorrow I am going to hoover and steam mop the kitchen so it sparkles and I can’t wait for it to be great. The biggest issue with the kitchen is it’s a constant. Constant use, constant cleaning, constant maintaining.

I still have the cupboards to reorganise, wipe them down abs make them look good

I also want to paint the chopping block and stain the top to protect it.

Lots of plans but one tidy step at at time!!

Plans for next time

I was going to start painting but Gavin convinced me to finish the sitting room first. So I need to head to the Dulux shop and by some wall paint. I already have the ceiling paint.

I think I want to try and rescue our ceiling rose. It is covered in many layers of paint but I think it could be back to its former glory. I am not sure if it’s original but it is lovely.

Then when it looks good I could alway pop a pendant up. I have my heart set on this one below BUT it’s 3k and totally not worth the price. Perhaps I can find something similar or make it??? Who knows.

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