A few simple changes: kitchen update

I have been thinking about my kitchen. I am buying paint this week so I can change the whole thing. Make it seem wider and brighter. I would also like it be a bit more us rather than a generic Homebase kitchen. The units are shaker style but covered in melamine.

This will take a lot of time to remove, prime and paint.

I have my issues with it but I can make some small changes to improve it.

It’s a simple thing to change the handles but I never thought I would. I am not sure if I am being influenced by the trends for brass handles, but I wanted them. Brass looks timeless? Is this true or will it look as outdated as everything becomes. Brass wouldn’t match so I dismissed changing the handles completely.

I cut off my nose to spite my face: I would not change the handles if I couldn’t have brass ones. I was foolish.

We have silver taps and a fridge so I thought the handles would have to match. I wasn’t keen on investing in silver handles.

Then I thought about our black sink and oven which has silver dials but a black front. I realised that I could change them and it would make such a difference.

Simple Change

I love them. I ordered one just to see if it would make a difference. I measured from the screw holes which was a generic 128mm. I then changed the handle to see what I thought. I didn’t tell Gavin but it took him 3 days to notice and he loved them, so I ordered the rest.

I thought about getting different black handles for the lower cupboards and draws but then I didn’t want it to look busy. In a small kitchen it’s best to keep it clean and simple.

I do spend a good few minutes of everyday just looking at it.

Why didn’t I do this sooner?

In Summary

It’s crazy how a simple change can make you feel good. It has cost me under £30 to change all of them. And when it’s all painted it will be a huge change. The kitchen will look amazing when it’s finished.

It will give me great pride to know how hard I worked on it!

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