Planning my week

So I started a new habit, it’s something that I do when I work. I love to plan and schedule my time a bit of structure may get me out of my slump and make me sleep better. I find when I don’t have anything to do or planned then my mind is bored when I go to sleep and I lay awake staring at the ceiling.

It’s not healthy and I needed to change.

I write down what jobs I need to do in a separate book and then I plan when I can achieve them in my bullet journal. If it’s not this week then I will cross them off. Normally I would write them in a to do list for next week but these jobs never get done. So instead I am writing out all the jobs freshly every week. This is called ‘throwing your to do list away’ by Brooke Castillo I liked it, it made sense to me.

So last week I tried it out and I will be doing it again this week. I thought it best to get a weeks experience before I shared. I am loving if so far. It still allows me to be flexible but it also holds me accountable for my day.

I don’t put in on my computer but I will try this week so it’s on my phone.

It really helped. I found myself following so why would I stop.

Today I am writing my list!

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  1. […] am time blocking at the moment as it makes my day flow a bit better. I start off by brain dumping all the jobs that need doing then I can work out when to do them. I can pop in as many jobs as I like […]


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