Planner addict basics: Bullet journal planning my week

I am a planner not a doer but the more I plan the more I do so I thinks it’s important to focus. To plan. Keep it basic, keep it simple. You don’t have to be an artist and create amazing pages. It’s just about the best way to organise you. Whatever works is best for you.

It’s Friday so I am having a beer and planning

All you need is a note pad and a pen to get started. It’s that easy but if you choose a notepad that you love, some cool pens and pretty washi tapes you can make a boring schedule look beautiful. To get organised it better to inspire yourself. I have a slight obsession with Japanese or German stationery. I have a lot of Tombows, Sakura and Staedtler fineliners in my collection.

Back to planning.

I am time blocking at the moment as it makes my day flow a bit better. I start off by brain dumping all the jobs that need doing then I can work out when to do them. I can pop in as many jobs as I like as well as leave gaps. It’s supposed to be really hot on Monday so I don’t want to be doing too much after lunch!

I used the tapes to make a simple grid and then fill it up. I have broken down my week into half hour slots. I can swap days around if something comes up or plans are made.

Being flexible is key.

I like to keep the last two afternoons free in case I have to move anything around. I made plans to see one of my best friends Charlotte, hopefully we are going to a conservatory but the tickets go live that morning so we will see. I will head into London even of we don’t get tickets, we can have a look around the market stalls and brick lane.

Weekly bujo plan

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