Growing my own Pussywillow trees

Like most of us still stuck at home during lockdown I am falling back in love with my home and especially my garden. Are you in the same boat?

I bought some willow branches, I popped them in water and to my surprise they started growing roots. I was instantly fascinated and have now researched to see how I can encourage them to grow into trees.

So if you want willow just for decoration then don’t put them in water. They will stay as they are and last for years.

If you do keep the willows in water will grow, they will shed their catkins and sprout leaves. Which will look good for an Easter tree or just a decoration.

If you keep them in water some branches will sprout roots! You should wait for them to grow to 10 cm before you plant them in the soil. I am going to buy some nice terracotta pots. I don’t want the trees to grow too big I also have to be careful as my neighbour has a pond. Pussywillow roots will travel far in search of water, they will invade septic tanks, and any water supply they can find.

The water that had been soaking the roots in. It’s called willow tea, it is a natural root hormone. You can use this on your seedlings and to encourage other roots to grow. I am going to try it on some roses and see what happens.

I have 6 strong branches with root growth so I will try growing them all and see what happens.

Wish me luck!

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