A month of no spending: can I do it?

I set myself a goal of no spending for 30 days. This doesn’t include my food shop just nothing else. I was supposed to go to the garden centre last week but I didn’t get round to it. I have a list of things I am allowed to buy from it and a spending limit.

So far it’s been fine.

I just delete any emails I get from shops telling me what’s going on. I have also been making a lot of I do want to buy things. This way if I do need something I can make sure I really need them and it’s not just a fad. Impulse buys are such a waste of money. I am someone who is very susceptible to adverts and offers. But their is no point in buying products if you never had any intention of buying them in the first place. It’s a waste and I need to save every penny I have.

My New York China town piggy bank is over 12 years old!

Making lists is a good way to save my pennies. Part of my New Years resolutions was to shop more sustainably and consciously and part of that is actually not shopping for the sake of it.

It sounds so simple but let’s be honest, we often shop when we are bored. It’s like going food shopping when you are going hungry. Which means we don’t make practical choices, I definitely don’t. Trying to shop smarter means thinking things through.

I also changed my phone contract because being at home I don’t need all the bells and whistles. So it’s £10 a month I am saving.

It’s all about the small steps!

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