In the garden: seeking advice

I talked before about creating a heritage garden filled with flowers that remind us of loved ones. Sue, Gavin’s mum knows her stuff. We needed a few things fixing in the house so Rosco is helping us inside whilst we were gardening outside.

Rosco helped my clematis by adding new pegs and wire, it is now being trained up and over the door. So when it flowers it will be beautiful. I also picked up a hanging basket bracket. I am growing my lobelia from seed so fingers crossed they grow. This meant that we could crack on in the garden. I finally got round to removing the bottom of the rotting plant stand. I am going to grow tomatoes and strawberries in it when it’s fixed. I also filled up our green bin which the council will collect tomorrow.

Sue was great, she talked me through my plants. My pretty pansies turned out to be violets and we cut those back so that the bluebells could breath. She also moved some bluebells as they do like to spread. I found them in the compost bin and I was close to tears. Fear not I rescued them and they are now safely tucked away in the shady part of the garden where she won’t move them from that side.

She also chopped my climbing hydrangea because it was growing forward when it needs to grow up the wall. In chopping back the shrub it opened out the bed so we were able to plant some grasses and transplanted some bluebells! We need to fix the top of the fence and plants some more flowers but it’s very exciting to see.

Beds before and after
Climbing hydrangea

As you can see from the photo our fences need a bit of upkeep as well. We are in the process of removing all the woven willow it’s old and falling off so we are slowest taking away all of it. Then Sue recommended that I trim the ivy. It covers our fence and is very pretty but is also very invasive. In closer inspection we found the ivy have actually clung to my conifer tree. So I have to remove all of that then we gave the conifer a comb to remove all the dead bits of fir. My arms were shredded by the sharp branches. I removed all the ivy from the fence and then removed the willow and it looks like a band new fence.

I have really enjoyed working on my garden. Luckily I have had Rosco and Sue helping me and advising me. Rosco even swapped out the rotten decking with secondhand decking we swiped from a skip from our neighbours, we saved ourselves a few pennies and because it’s not brand new it will take less time to age up and match the rest of the floor. They also know what they are doing so it was great to seek advice from them.

Tomorrow I am back in the garden. I love getting my hands dirty and I love watching my garden burst into life. It’s a kind of therapy that nothing else can compare to. Gavin doesn’t really care about the garden as long as it is neat and tidy, so that it the aim.

What’s your favourite plant?

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