Creating a heritage garden

I am so lucky that we have a little garden. It has decking that needs repaired and painting. A table and chairs that needs sanding and painting. And two long beds that house are bigger plants.

Gavin’s mum is a bit of a plant whiz! She can name most plants and when she digs something up she turns up in my doorstop with plants! I am interested in creating a heritage garden filled with plants that are either from our families garden or reminiscent of our childhood.

Our very own heritage garden.

Because me and Gavin are not great gardeners we are learning. We lost all of our red robin trees last year but everything else with the exception of a dwindling dog rose our garden is looking good. I am letting our dog rose grow but it’s not a happy plant. Our other rose bush that we were given at the same time is basically a tree it’s trunk is so thick. I want to train it over our arch way this year.

Hydrangeas mean a lot to me and Gavin. His grandmother had beautiful ones in her garden and my main family home had a beautiful blue hydrangea in the garden that my dad looked after year after year! We have a creeping hydrangea which is 6 years old now and finally happy but I couldn’t resist a pretty blue hydrangea when I saw it.

Blue Hydrangea

We have snowdrops and bluebells taken from Gavin’s aunts garden and rehomed here. We are asking our family for cutting and plants that we can fill our garden with and create a place filled with plants and heritage. I already think of my hot lips flowers as nod to Gavin’s mums house!

I would like to get some semi tropical plants that can survive and be an homage to the Seychelles. Peonies remind me of Alexa my sister in law as we worked at Jigsaw together and it’s their brand flower.

My mum and dad always used lots of fresh herbs in their cooking so I bought some thyme and oregano but what I really want is a bay tree for all my stews I make. I am not going to grow lots of veggies but some tomatoes will be grown again!

I also want to try my hand at a hanging basket because my mum always had a beautiful one. I have ordered some lobelia seeds to create blues whites and pinks to cascade down the front of our house.

Plants can have such an impact on your life plus it’s good for the bees!

What plants remind you of your family?

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  1. Whenever you feel low, you can engage yourself in plants. Plants help in reducing stress.


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