Am I on track with my resolutions?

Plain and simply yes, yes I am.

We are almost a quarter of the year through and I am happy so far. There is one I have failed at but there is still time. I will end with the one I am most happy with. My New Years resolutions were:

  • Grow my grays out
  • Apply to Uni
  • Get fit and start running
  • Drink less Diet Coke
  • Cut down my sugar in my coffee
  • Spend more time in my garden
  • Dress like my Pinterest board

So these three I have been consistent at. My hair is turning gray! I tried to dye it and it looked awful. I won’t be trying a home dye again. I also won’t cut my hair again. I like it long, it looks better longer.

I have told all my family they have to tell me no if I ever want to cut it again.

I also applied for my MA. It’s nerve wracking as I should be hearing soon. I have a lot of hopes riding on my application so it’s a big deal.

This will be a massive change in my life/career a job I would be proud of, a job where I can help people. I am not waiting patiently, I am checking my email at least ten times a day. At least I started the process of applying and aiming for my place at Goldsmiths.

Spending more time in my garden was the goal that I was really looking forward to. Our garden is small and perfect. I have spent hours in my garden this year. I have cleared it, pruned back my roses again as they are crazy. Brushed the faux lawn and swept up all the leaves.

Cleaned the deck, adding compost to my dahlias ( they are all in tubs) and planted the hydrangea I bought. I have a lot of bulbs and plan to create a heritage garden using plants for family and friends and plant plants that remind us of them. It’s starting to look really good. I have a lot of plans for the summer and warmer days.

Definitely a work in progress. I want to start dressing like my Pinterest board and shop ethically. I found a few gaps in my wardrobe and filled them with the brands I love but bought them on EBay so buying them ethically as well.

My sister has challenged me to create a capsule Sezane inspired look so I am sure I will turn that into a little blog.

Sugar in my coffee has been reduced to one cube but it’s still too much. I plan to cut it out completely I am still a working resolution, I just need to get through the first lot of bitter coffees. I will do it I am determined to cut back.

The Diet Coke reduction has been a flop. I am still on at least two cans a day. I doubt I will get down to 3 a week. I will keep trying but…… I am not going to be too hard on myself. It’s my main vice and I really enjoy it.

Not only am I painting the sitting room ( it’s been a few weeks) and I haven’t started the ceiling yet! It has had a mold treatment and that’s it. But next week it should be first coat done on the walls and two coats on the ceiling. I want my home to look gorgeous, I am trying to create a cleaning routine. There are improvements but it’s not there yet.

And the resolution I am proud of for keeping up has been my running. I am cutting running 2-3 times a week regardless of the weather. It’s now a habit for me and I am slowly improving my speed and stamina thanks to CouchTo5k NHS free app.

I need to work on my diet otherwise I won’t shift any of this belly weight. Me and my friends have been chatting about getting into the groove of running. Over a year ago I ran a half marathon so I knew I can run, plus get fitter.

I hope in another 3 months I can let you know more good things. But for now that’s a catch up.

Setting achievable goals is good for your state of mind. If I get into university then I will have more goals to add but for now I will just keep working my small goals.

How are your goals, resolutions going?

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