7 things I have loved in April

Last month I didn’t write “ 7 things I have enjoyed this month” not because there haven’t been seven things but that my blogs are becoming a bit repetitive. So I thought I would try again this month with a fresh outlook

Out door lunches in the garden. With lock down easing we have been inviting friend into the garden where Gavin smokes a joint of meat and we all eat, drink and relax. It was so wonderful. Yesterday we had Gavs friends over with their children. They all prepared food and Gav focused on the meat again and it was just amazing. I didn’t do a fancy table setting as six places at the table and all the food is means no room for flowers. Friends and family is so important especially after the year we have had. Even the aftermath of the mess is worth it. We will be having more guests round when the weather improves and may invest in a patio heater after all the cold lunches we have had.

A tidy sitting room. We are a messy couple. We indulge in lots of hobbys and clutter. I have cut it all out of the sitting room and so far I have managed to keep it tidy and clean so that we have a little oasis to hide away in at night. I am looking around the room now and can see little bits that need tidying so after I close my laptop I am going to clear them all away so it is back to being perfect.

The Moon and You. My sister recommended a book. It talks about how the moons phases can affect your energy and what to do in that situation. Now I am not really into gemstones, I just have some Rose quartz and opalites but that’s more to do with them being pretty then I believe in them. So far I am liking the book. I started it on a full moon when apparently your energy is nice and full then. But strangely enough all the things I had recently done, plant bamboo, go for a run, have a facemask, run a bath were all recommended in the book. It’s an interesting read and I am enjoying it.

Gardening and getting my hands dirty. My garden is in bloom. My beds have been emptied of weeds and fresh topsoil is is raked and making all the plants happy. More flowers and plants have a new home and i managed to rescue a few more bulbs and that my mother in law ripped out when she helped me garden. We also paid for a council green bin. You can fill it up and every two weeks it gets collected and turned into mulch. It’s better for the environment and it clears out the garden. I just wish they would return the mulch. Anything small is going straight into my compost bin.

I planted lobelia seeds straight into my hanging basket and left it outside. They haven’t germinated so i brought them inside opposite the window and now I have new buds. I will probably have to remove some of the plants as I have no idea so many would grow but it cheers me up that.

Baby Facial. I bought my Drunk Elephant a while ago and got out of the habit of using it. My skin was getting dry and then I thought maybe i would try it. So i ran a lovely bath, set a timer, popped my face mask on and relaxed. No phone, just listening to some 90s hits. It was wonderful and afterwoods my skin was like a babies, ha, ha. It really is/was. So I am going to start using it again once a week. Get my skin glowing and healthy again.

Smoothies and healthy habits. I tried to have Huel smoothies but I just can’t stomach them. They taste like flour and I just can’t. So I started adding frozen fruit. I have two massive pouches of Huel and I don’t believe in waist. The smoothies are supposed to be 400 calories so I now just substitute what the calories for fruit. Frozen cherries, raspberries, blue berries and fresh strawberries and bananas. I don’t have everything all in one go. I just try them each time. I weigh them out and they fill me up till lunch time. I just have them on weekdays and normally eggs at the weekend.

Morning cuddles. It doesn’t get more sweet than the three of us in bed having a chat and cuddle. I hop out of bed, grab us a coffee and crawl bag into bed and bring the dog with me. It’s a very small perfect moment that I love.

So that’s its 7 little things I have loved, no spending except for food. Most important things are friends and family, I have always known this it’s no surprise. But having made so many lovely memories this last month has been wonderful.

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