Small healthier changes: running and smoothies

I hope you are well. This blog post is about trying healthier things. I am no expert. I just want to feel fitter and yes I want to fit into my old clothes. This isn’t about fat-shaming or skinny-shaming. I won’t ever be skinny again and that’s okay. As someone who hits forty this year I would rather be fit that thin. I think a size 10 is just too tough to maintain. It means denying my food or hitting the gym harder.

I have been running to keep fit but other than my increase of fitness, as in I can run further and faster it hasn’t impacted my weight. Like many of us, I am at least a stone heavier (“ at least” why do we lie to ourselves”) I know that I am a stone heavier than last year. This is the same last year where I wanted to shift 6 pounds. So really I am a stone and a half over weight.

It’s not that much but I feel it. I feel it when I tie my laces. I feel it when I run and my knee joints scream at me “what have I done.” Why I crash on the couch at night my stomach bunches and i have to move my legs to accommodate it, to feel comfortable in my own skin.

We all know that if you don’t change your diet then you will never lose weight. It has to be a balance. I am not into fad diets. I also don’t believe in denying yourself something as long as it is in moderation.

So I am running three times a week, I am also drinking smoothies, yes you can eyeroll. I don’t eat breakfast as I find that I snack all day if I do. With the smoothie its calories counted to 500 calories made up of protein powder, bananas, milk and frozen fruits. I get to about 2.30pm before i get hungry and then I eat what I want. I have stopped buying chocolate and sweets so I don’t have them to snack on. Even though I eat what I want its generally healthy stuff.
I have only just started this healthier journey so we will see how I get on. I do want to lose this weight as I really don’t want to buy any new clothes. I am still on a no spend month so I am not allowed.

My run

I don’t think we should be hard on our bodies, after all they have gotten us through this difficult time of isolation and Covid-19. We are still confining ourselves to limited contamination. We walk the dog, we have friends round in the garden, but we are obeying the rules.

When we are vaccinated we will have a bit more confidence but until then, I will continue to run and continue to make healthier choices without starving myself. My main motivation is myself. I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin.
So it’s time for change.

Have you made any changes?

2 responses to “Small healthier changes: running and smoothies”

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