Birds Eye View

This blog challenge is going well I am almost done but I still have a fair few more posts to write and today’s theme had me a wee bit stumped. So I decided to do a birds eye view of myself.

Jobless and 3 stone overweight.

Something has to change. I am actively looking for a job but I want to find the right one.

It’s almost a new month so I thought I would give myself a little fitness motivation challenge.

Because we all know I love a challenge especially completing it.

I am compulsive eater. Fact. If I buy sweets I will buy 5 packets and then eat them in quick succession. So my first thing I am going to do is I am not buying sweets or chocolate for a whole 30 days.


Now if we go to a restaurant I won’t deny myself a cake. Just no buying of chocolate or sweets. I don’t need it and it will help with my weight.

How beautiful is this salad

I will keep on with the healthy smoothies because I am loving them. All homemade not diet crap in there.

I will also try and run at least 10 times this month. I can do it!!

Start eating more salad for lunch as well as eating healthier in my diners as well as less takeaways. I am not going to set myself a target.

Less booze…. after my 3 bottle night with Becky I definitely need to watch it. I have just discovered Brewdog’s Lightspeed is only 95 calories a can! Also if I drink two litres before 2pm each day I think it will be a healthier step. I am not planning on loosing the whole 3 stone in a month but I will be happy with 6 lbs.

So this all sounds a bit negative but it’s not. I am happy about these changes. I am looking forward to the fitness and healthier challenges.

I am starting today!

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