Two for Joy: Bonsai Conifer trees

I should start by saying that conifers are my least favourite tree. I have four in my garden, 3 at the back and 1 near the front. They block out the trains so they do have a purpose but they look half dead and haunt my garden with a sombre presence. When i was cleaning up the garden I found two little conifer saplings with lovely roots.

So my aim is to turn them into miniture trees with Bonsai. I have never done this before but think it will look really cute. they are currently in little pots and some regular soil. i found them in between the decking so they are pretty hardy.

Baby conifer

Conifers can grow between 1-2 feet a year so hopefully in a year I will have a little tree, or two little trees that I can start pruning and creating mini trees and ode so my hated conifers. Turning my gardening dislike into joy.

Have you ever tried Bonsai?

One response to “Two for Joy: Bonsai Conifer trees”

  1. […] My conifers are in the little cabinet out of the direct light as they like a bit more shade, and after the downpours that we keep having I a have brought them in to dry out, fingers crossed they grow. […]


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