Sunshine through my window: Bathroom light

We have a south facing garden and our downstairs bathroom looks out onto the lawn. It has the best view of the house, if I had lots of money I would move to a bigger house, ha ha. If I had a lump sump of money I would swap the rooms around so my kitchen diner would go out onto the garden.

I have to make do with a bathroom that has a lovely view and also the best light. its gorgeous and it is currently my green house much to the chagrin of my husband. He is not a fan of the amount plants I have in there but he has to compromise because they are thriving. I love them all. My pilea which is supposed to thrive in partial light has doubled in size with full sunshine.

Plant shelfie

Gavin gets a bit annoyed at my greenhouse/ bathroom but there is not a lot I can do with a south facing bathroom.

My conifers are in the little cabinet out of the direct light as they like a bit more shade, and after the downpours that we keep having I a have brought them in to dry out, fingers crossed they grow.

The light in my bathroom is lovely all day long but the soft light of the mornings and evenings are my favourite.

What’s your favourite window?

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