Illuminating: the importance of validation

I am writing everyday and loving it.

It’s a challenge but it’s a goal. I also am posting on Instagram almost everyday with @storyofmyhome but they haven’t reposted one of my photos yet.

Perhaps they are not good enough.

It is illuminating to me how much I need them to choose one of my photos which is crazy.


Why do I need validation? That’s not why I started this, it’s not why I am writing everyday and my Instagram ( as much as I would like more followers) is just about my home and life. It’s not about what other people think.

I actually don’t want to create a home or an account that is just filed with carbon copy of everyone else’s.

The irony is I don’t need the validation, I just think I do. I will probably write in a few posts that they shared my photo. because I am fickle.

Things I am learning:

  • I decide my worth ( even if I don’t fully appreciate myself just yet)
  • Looking on the bright side is better than dwelling on past disappointments
  • I should appreciate all that I have
  • I need to draw more and more I can only improve

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