Knowing your self worth is easy as pie

This is a tricky subject in world full of anxiety and low self esteem knowing your worth isn’t as easy as pie. It’s not. Lots of us are in a weird floating state of no job or are unhappy in our current positions. But knowing your worth isn’t just about your career.

It’s self confidence.

It’s your the value of you and your time.

Jameela Jamil has a podcast called – I weigh, it’s really interesting and takes the focus off our physical possessions and focus on our achievements and most importantly what we love most about our lives. It’s a good place to start if you don’t know where to begin appreciating and understanding other people’s worth. She also interviews a lot of amazing people.

Good people

You are probably already surrounded by good people. People who have supported you and know you are amazing. Perhaps you have been supporting someone in the same situation that you are in. You have probably given them great supportive advice. So my question to you is, why cant you listen to yourself? Why don’t you believe in yourself?

Surrounding yourself with good people is key to understanding your self worth, so is letting go of relationships that don’t support you. Its time to stand up for yourself and stop letting people take more than they give, and more than you are willing to give. It can be exhausting and mentally draining.

We all deserve happiness

Now i know positive thinking means that we shouldn’t entertain doubt, sadness or anger but we are also human. By having lows this just highlights the highs. Life is a series of contrasts and yes we should appreciate everything we have but sometimes its hard.

Lots of things are out of our control, mainly other people. The fundamental truth is that we all deserve happiness and generally you find that people who are rude or mean to us are needing a lot more love and happiness that we can imagine.

Know that you can only control yourself

You are only responsible for you. You can offer support and love to your friends and family but that’s all.

Just like you rarely listen to your own advice don’t be disappointed when your friends and family don’t listen, then get disappointed. You have to let go of the control. Just let go and look after yourself.

You are what is important so look after you, this is knowing their worth.

For me learning my self worth is a journey

And it’s starting.

I am trying to be more positive.

I have always been impressed and inspired by the simple things in life I just need to turn that inward.

Understanding my worth is inhibiting.

It’s being vulnerable and very unBritish.

I will get there it is definitely not as easy as pie.

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