I make a crap housewife: morning routine

I do

I am crap. I don’t like cleaning I do like cooking but being a housewife in lockdown feels like a never ending circle of doom.

I am trying to make the beds everyday for a week. I failed again so I just reset my goal. I am trying to get a perfect routine

Riveting stuff I know:

  • Wake up
  • Coffee on
  • Water garden
  • Shower
  • Feed Frank
  • Make bed
  • Blend my smoothie
  • If it’s sunny out a wash on
  • Washing up and call mum
  • then it’s another chore before lunch, hoovering, bathroom, organising or tidying

Then at 12 Gavin comes down for lunch, when it’s below 21 degrees we walk Frank otherwise we wait till the evening.

I don’t make a great housewife.

But I love my house, my dog and my husband. I can improve on the rest. Also I used to hate the washing up but now I do it every day it doesn’t bother me so much. I wrote down a list of jobs and how long they take to do so I can plan things easier.

I still haven’t nailed it. I love having a tidy house but I don’t like cleaning.

I make a crap housewife but I am improving.

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