Self care is not having a bubble bath

We al need to take care of ourselves. Self care is so important, taking time for yourself is important.

But it’s not all bubble baths and skincare. It’s actual care for your mental Health.

You need to look after all of you.

Your diet

Your exercise

Socialising ( safely)

Your mental state

It’s about giving yourself a break and time to process. I was recently reminded of a low point in my life when I was heart broken and very lost. I was sleeping on friends couches until I found a job and found a place to stay.

I arrived in London with two suitcases and lots of dark lonely thoughts. When you are broken it’s easy to fill your day with meetings and social interactions but at night you are alone with your thoughts. Reliving conversations and wishing you could have changed the outcome.

I was at a pretty low point. But I got through it. When I moved out of that house in East London to North London in Archway I had two car loads! I had built a life for myself from nothing. I made many amazing friends in that retail job, most I am still friends with.

So now when I am feeling blue I do need to remember everything have achieved.

In have my own house, filled with beautiful things I have bought. A wonderful husband and a great support network.

I am allowed to feel blue and down but when I do I do need to look after myself. Self care is so important. There is nothing wrong with indulging in your favourite unhealthy foods just as long as you don’t punish yourself for it.

You can’t continue down an unhealthy spiral… so introduce nutritious food into to your diet, just make it tasty.

2 responses to “Self care is not having a bubble bath”

  1. To start from nothing and achieve something in life is really commendable.


    1. Yes and I need to remind myself of this! Thank you


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