Planning a destination wedding!

I have been asked to plan a destination wedding in the Seychelles for my sister in law. It’s going to be a small intimate affair with close family and a few friends that’s it.

She wants a simple beach wedding with a beautiful arbour, tropical flowers and twinkly lights, that’s it. she is organising her dress the grooms attire and the rings.

Beautiful and elegant but most importantly she wants me to sort it all out, she doesn’t care about the details. I am super honoured to be asked and I plan on popping a lot of thought into how it looks and all the little details.

Simple doesn’t mean easy and a lot to consider for a simple wedding so I thought I would share that with you.

  • Legalities
  • How long is the ceremony
  • Which beach
  • Accommodation
  • will Covid affect it in which case fully refundable
  • Food caterers
  • Drink
  • Numbers
  • What time is sunset
  • What’s the weather like at that time of year?
  • What is the beach like ( currents)
Beau Vallon

I need to get my excel spread sheet out as well as al the thing I will need to bring and organise.

There is a lot to plan so I am bringing you along for the journey!

About DP

Hi, I am Dana. I am dyspraxic trying to function and get organised in my dysfunctional world. I don’t shy away from technology but I do have a preference for all things paper and analog. I am trying to organise our lives through my bullet journal, travel around the globe and save money!!! Impossible I know. I have a hard time believing that you should spend a fortune on one day. So, with my creative skills and frugality I will hopefully create my dream wedding without getting into debt. My bullet journal has been a life saver, so much that I now have 3. One for life, one for wedding planning and my last for this blog. I am lost without them. I have a wonderful partner, two fur babies ( Manhattan and Frank) a full time job that I love and my love of blogging. Please bear with me with my spelling and grammar I do proof read about 4 times but I still miss things. I won’t be offended if you correct me. So that’s me, I draw and teach art to both kids and adults and I believe anyone can create anything you just have to practice. I have had to try and try at organising, that is why I am the Dysfunctional Planner.

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  1. A wedding is a big affair to manage. In India, a Hindu wedding is really a big event consisting of different events stretched to 3 days.

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