Putting more of my art up on the walls

My friend asked me recently why I don’t sell my work and the truth is I lose confidence when I see some amazing artists out there. I bought a frame for a friends art work. It’s going up on the wall and me being me I bought two frames for a bit of continuity.

I love an artist @nanacnese who paints whimsical illustrations. I have coveted her Instagram page for years so I decided to get out my paints and just give it a go.

My surname Payet means Magpie or Sequin so I thought I would paint a magpie. I love magpies I feel like they are lucky and I also say “Morning Major” if I see a line magpie ( it’s for good luck).

Watercolour magpie

I went on Pinterest and found a photo of a magpie I liked and started playing with shapes and colours. I sketched and then filled in the colour locations with my trusty tombows. Then with my Windsor and Newton watercolours I started building up with washes of watercolour.

My magpie is going in my sitting room which has lots of teals and blues so I focused more on that then the black tones. It took me a few hours to paint but I really like it.

So I framed it.

It’s going up on the wall.

It’s all ready in it’s frame.

I will be creating a gallery wall behind the sofa and it will sit pride of place. I want to create more illustrations that I am proud of.

2 responses to “Putting more of my art up on the walls”

  1. […] procrastinating is such a waste of time. My picture has been sitting here for over a month. I found the wire and brought it into the sitting room to hang and it’s just been sitting there. It took me a few minutes to fix and now it’s on the wall. I need to hang the rest of the pictures a few pieces of art work I have created myself. […]


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