A simple transition or just tidy up

It is a bit messy in the sitting room at the moment. My picture is still in the window rather than up on the wall so even though it’s a transition Thursday it needs a good tidy up.


  • Remove things that don’t belong
  • Wash Franks blanket and sofa blanket
  • Put wire on frame
  • Hang frames
  • Paint the corner
  • Remove birthday cards
  • Dust
  • Hoover

And that’s it.

Fully transformed and a lovely room for us to relax in. Okay so I will be painting on Saturday but other than that all the jobs are done.

It wasn’t the worst it’s been and I am keeping on top of the tidying in the sitting room kitchen and bathroom I just need to keep on top of the dining room and all will be well.

procrastinating is such a waste of time. My picture has been sitting here for over a month. I found the wire and brought it into the sitting room to hang and it’s just been sitting there. It took me a few minutes to fix and now it’s on the wall. I need to hang the rest of the pictures a few pieces of art work I have created myself.

I want a gallery wall so I just need to hammer them up!

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