Collecting my English Bluebells seeds

My bluebells bloomed at the start of the year I have been waiting for these seedcases to dry out and it’s now July and they are just starting to dry and release.

Bluebells self seed but these I want to give away to friends, I have English bluebells which are protected so it will be nice to encourage more growing, especially where my friends live. They will turn into hardy little bulbs that will come back year after year.

You can plant the seeds in trays and monitor them or you can do natures job and just scatter them in autumn or early winter, which shows you how long my seed cases will take to dry out. The seeds should germinate pretty soon but bluebells take time and they normally take 3 springs to flower though full flowering will occur in the 3rd spring.

One response to “Collecting my English Bluebells seeds”

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