Garden series part 4: collecting seeds

Part of my garden series is about planning for next year, investing in time but not spending too much money. I have some beautiful flowers growing and because it’s September they are starting to go to seed.

Time to take advantage of nature’s gifts.

I was very sad when my anemones lost there petals but I am going to save all the seeds and hopefully produce a good stock of them to plant out in the garden. I am asking my husband for gardening bits for Christmas so I can get started planting seeds out in February.

After researching my seeds may not flower for the first few summers so this really is an investment of time. The seedlings need planted in the ground in a slightly shaded place in the second year of growth so I could start sewing them now, in one of those mini green house trays.

I have already collected bluebells which I am going to sew and see how they get on when I plant them out in my front garden. As it is fairly shady and they may thrive there.

Poppy seed pods

These poppies were growing wild in a local park which I collected. I have dried them out and already spread them around my garden hoping we will have lots and lots of poppies. I will be keeping the seed pods and displaying them for years to come.

Poppies don’t like to move so once seen you need to leave them, just shake out the seeds where you want them.

Cosmos seeds

My cosmos are really late blooming however I think that’s my fault, I planted them too late and the pots are two small and shallow. I want to buy some big terracotta pots for next year. I have bought some pink and white seeds but I am also harvesting my maroon and white seeds as I love them.

They don’t like the cold so I need to sew them out after the last frost, I didn’t give them any tomato feed so I will give them some next year.

I really need to create a sewing plan so I keep track of what I am planting.

Well that’s me, you will find me wandering through meadows watching flowers turn to seed to fill my pockets. Studying my own homegrown flowers until the seeds go brown and I can collect them in my little paper envelopes.

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