Bringing the outside in

If you had asked me last year I would have told you that I don’t like flowers I prefer plant. Now this is true but part of my biophilic journey is bringing the outside in.

Also the amount of flowers my garden is producing means that I have fresh flowers every other day and I am loving them. They are bring life and joy into our home and with sweet peas and dahlias the more you cut the more you get.

I have learnt over the years that when it comes to plants always put them in rooms you spend a lot of time in.

My bathroom kitchen and sitting room are filled with plants. I can’t keep plants alive upstairs because I just go upstairs to sleep that’s it. My dining room/ studio is full of art materials but the window is f easily accessed so although a sun living plant would thrive there I don’t have any because history tells me they die. Now things are changing and I may reuse this space more, which means I may get a tropical plant there. Watch this space.

For now, with the garden in full bloom my ash tree needed a trim. It keeps shooting branches down from the bottom of the tree. My ash isn’t going to grow much taller so now it wants to grow sideways and as much as it’s beautiful I want a healthy tree for a long time.

So I gave the small branches a prune.

And was left with gorgeous foliage.

I could have thrown it on my compost bin but instead I decided to bring a bit more of the outside in and instead display it on my mantle piece. It’s beautiful. The shape of the leaves and the rich greens make it the perfect display for the sitting room. I also popped the hydrangea prunings into some old bottles and jars. I am not expecting them to grow but you never know!

It looks like a plant rather than a display but I really like it. Bringing the outside in is something I find myself doing more and more. I follow a lot of home accounts and yet I don’t feel the need to fill my home with nicnacs and trend pieces ( just a few candles and Aesop products).

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