Home items influenced by Instagram but do I need them? An introspective look at marketing.

We have all been there, looking at images and wanting them for yourself. They may not be to your taste… like last years obsession with pampas grass or faux flower arrangements… no thank you. We all get influenced. But do we really want the same as everyone else’s home or do we just want our Instagram pictures to get as many likes as theirs.

We are influenced matter what we do. Here are a few things that I love but are they just pricey elevates of money?

Let me share Some introspective:

Aesop everything

It’s the Japanese aesthetic that I adore. I have always loved them. My friend has always had them in her bathroom and I see them all over social media. It makes me want them so much. Their marketing looks effortless and it’s subtly everywhere.

There is something about the brown bottles they are no longer glass but still give the apothecary vibe. They also smell wonderful and are beautiful handcare. I don’t have any issue buying products that are great just look at my skincare. I think you should invest in yourself and what ever makes you happy as long as it’s not a waste of money.

I just talked myself into buying them. This year!! Perhaps I will treat myself when I get the bathroom prints framed and hung and then it will all be complete.

More Plants

The Greenhouse Brentwood

Well this is not a fad. They don’t have to be expensive either.

I just want more plants. They are good for your mental health, clean the air and are just beautiful.

I am not a fan of flowers, I do love getting them I just feel guilty when they die but a good old house plant that gives you love for years that’s something I want.

I am looking for a pilea next. They sold them in BnQ for a while and I didn’t get one. Next time I see one there is no holding back. Gavin isn’t a fan of plants but he lets me have a few. I am just not allowed any big ones!

Friggin candles

I don’t really burn candles that often. I like them when I am having a bath and that’s it but when ever I see them I want to buy them. Why is that? Am I that shallow that I can’t stop myself from buying something just because it’s in every other Instagram picture. Do you actually care? Do I?

Let’s put the prices in perspective shall we.

  • 300g Fornasetti candle is £165
  • 300g Dyptique candle is £68
  • 300g Jo Malone candle £90
  • 280g White Company candle £35

The White company Seychelles (hmm I wonder why) is the one I have my eye on and also the Baies Dyptique candle you can buy smaller ones for cheaper but they are still expensive and rarely go on sale.

So unless it’s a gift I won’t be indulging in any candle influence. It appears that all influencers on Instagram are obsessed with their candle collection but why wouldn’t they be. They are sent out to them for free, it’s a perk of the job. I need to really think about how Instagram marketing is making me part with my money for frivolous things.

When I started writing this I thought it was going to be a fun flippant blog but it’s turning into a bit of self reflection.

I need to look at what I want Vs what I actually want.

Marble tops

I mean I love marble it’s clean and beautiful. My favourite is obviously green marble but looking at peoples homes on Instagram makes me want it everywhere, marble coffee table, marble countertops in the kitchen.

I even thought about buying some marble chopping board ( still might) marble pots, changing everything thing to marble. It’s not really me. I love it as a few pieces may look nice but I am not a marble person. I have just been influenced in seeing it so much. I prefer the warmth of wood to the coldness of marble.

In summary

I love all these items I do, but I don’t need them. I want a beautiful house but I don’t want it to look like yours or theirs.

I follow Africa from @thevitamindproject In her boundaries highlight she says ‘that we say want authentic homes but actually what we really want is a carbon copy of everyone else’s .’

She is right. We want the same look as what people on Instagram share with us, but it’s not real. She is truly inspiring and I love what she chooses to share with us.

She has made me rethink things.

What I want Vs what I need.

The truth is, except for the plants I don’t need any of this. The candles are nice but so are the £7.99 ones I bought from homescence and rarely burn. I don’t want a carbon copy home, I want you to want mine if that makes sense. Not in a vain way.

Africa has made me think about what I want to achieve. Why I created this blog. What I should share and what is mine. When I hit 500 folllowers on my blog I will treat myself to Aesop. When I hit 1000 I will buy myself a posh candle and understand that it’s because of the smell not the brand.

But really I should just keep being me and you should keep being you. If 2020 taught us anything it’s that our homes should be our sanctuary and we should have them how we want them who cares what anyone else thinks.

So I am off to tidy the dining room as I take a photo of my eclectic life.

I hope you are safe and well.

3 responses to “Home items influenced by Instagram but do I need them? An introspective look at marketing.”

  1. Loved this post – it’s so true. I must say I’ve been looking at those Aesop hand soaps for a while too 😊


    1. Thank you. I love Aesop,I will buy them just not right away!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. […] It looks like a plant rather than a display but I really like it. Bringing the outside in is something I find myself doing more and more. I follow a lot of home accounts and yet I don’t feel the need to fill my home with nicnacs and trend pieces ( just a few candles and Aesop products). […]


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