What I am reading: Madam by Phoebe Wynne

I am reading a few books at the moment but I really enjoyed Madam by PhoebeWynne. It’s set in the 90s in a girls boarding house and I really enjoyed it.

It blends classic Greek female heroines with modern(ish) day girls and their plight. I love Greek, Roman and Norse mythology, I used to really be engrossed in old gods and stories when I was a child so I was familiar with a few of the stories mentioned but there were a few I had never heard of.

I think you know when a book is good when you want more. I really want to learn more about Dido and her life. She was the founder of Carthage which is modern day Tunisia which I visited in an art holiday almost 20 years ago. I love it but now I want to read more about the classics.

I always read a few books at once, as well as listen to audio books and podcasts.

I am not sure if this book will be for everybody. The lead character was hard to like but her constant isolation and the feel that she doesn’t feel in brings empathy. The plot developed nicely and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It’s set in a Scottish village and the school is run by the English. Having lived in Scotland and been ( wrongly) accused of being English and told to go home on more than one occasion I understood the friction. But as the story developed you sympathised more with the Scottish.

Books I am currently reading

What are you reading?

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