Garden series Part two: planning my garden for next year

More flowers and plants for today. After realising that my garden only has flowers on the deck I need to work on my flower beds. So I have done a bit of research on gardener ms world and reading my gardening books. It is really making me want a green house so I can pop all my seedlings and young plants in there but my garden really doesn’t have space for one.

I will have to make do with with bathroom and dining room window.

Japanese anemones

Pink and white these shade loving anemones are a perfect flowers for the right side of the flower bed. They like to spread so I will have to keep on top of them but I will love taking cuttings and cut flowers from them.

I am a big fan of Japanese plants and these are just perfect. I will plant them on both sides and see how they get on.

  • Seed, cutting
  • Flowers September October
  • 1-3 feet tall
  • Partial sun, Shade
  • perennial
  • Plant May to September
  • Cut flowers
  • Cut back after flowering and divid clumps
  • Mulch annually with manure or compost
  • Moist well drained soil

Lily of the valley Bush

I fell in love with these in Japan. I researched what they are called and what they like and I plan to grow them and enjoy them forever I will be buying the Christmas Cheer shrub. I love the fragile looking pinky white bell flowers. They were all over the island of Itsukushima and I took hundreds of pictures of them. It’s says they like the shade but they were in full sun and exposed to the elements so we know it’s a hardy plant.

  • Seed, cutting
  • Evergreen shrub
  • Flowers in spring
  • 3-8 feet or 8- 20 feet
  • Shade, partial light
  • Plant anytime it’s warm
  • Pruning to shape
  • Acidic soil needs maintaining

Delphiniums ( potted and in the beds)

I can imagine Russian Sage one one side of the garden and delphiniums in pots and on the shadier side of the garden. I will group them in 3s and 5s and watch as these incredible bluey purple spears of nature’s drama. Can you tell I love them!

Delphinium elatum ‘Faust’ will be growing in my garden.

  • Seeds
  • Sew February to May or September To October
  • Flower June to September
  • Light shade Or full sun
  • 6-8ft tall
  • Perennial
  • Well drained soil

Mexican Fleabane

Why fleabane is not a pretty name but the flower really is my Mexican friend says it’s called Cloud and will call it that from now on. I love the pink and white daisy like flowers. This is a low lying flower that loves full sun so a nice bedding plant at the beginning of the garden and also in pots. It’s a cute little flower and I can’t wait for it to grow and thrive.

  • Seeds, cutting
  • Flowers spring
  • Perennial
  • Full sun
  • 18 inches tall
  • Sandy and well-drained soil

Pink Gypsophila ( potted)

Gypsophilia is one of my favourite flowers so pink and white flowers up and down my garden. These will look wonderful in pots. Gypsophila paniculata ‘Flamingo’ will not only grow but look amazing when it’s cut.

  • Seeds
  • Flowers July August
  • 3 feet tall
  • Perennial
  • Sew spring summer
  • Full sun
  • Well drained pot
  • Cut back after flowering to encourage more flowers
  • Plant in a light well drained soil, add plenty of grit to the planting hole with plenty of sunlight.

Sweet Assylum

These cute low flowers come in white pink and purple so will suit my little garden. I definitely need more small plants, this one won’t be going in a pot

  • Seeds
  • 3-7 inches tall
  • Flowers June to October
  • Annuals
  • Sew in spring, plant when it’s warm
  • full sun or partial shade
  • Well drained soil

Verbena (potted next to the bay trees)

Creating a border from the decking to the garden I imagine then lining up with their lace like stalks and purple flowers.Verbena bonariensis will be making its way into my garden. I will buy it in seed form and scatter some in the semi shady parts of the garden to see how it gets on.

  • Seeds
  • 6-8 feet
  • Herbaceous perennial
  • full sun
  • Sew in Autumn
  • Flowers summer autumn
  • Cut back in spring
  • Moist well drained soil
  • Protect the crown of the plant from frost

Milly rock rose

This is such a pretty rose pink flower I am looking forward to popping it in my beds as well as in pots.

  • Seeds, cuttings
  • Perennial
  • Full sun
  • 2 feet high
  • Flowers late spring to autumn
  • Well drained soil

Clematis Montana ( in a pot till it’s established)

Confession I already have this plant. I bought two plants and I have cuttings from another so hopefully this will be glorious. I know from experience that clematis are hardy plants, that even when they look dead can come back to life.

I have a purple clematis growing around my front door. It’s all leaves at the moment but looks really pretty. I have to keep on top of the watering because it’s in a pot and gets a fair amount of morning sun. I forget to water it all the time and it struggles through it’s a clematis Jackmanii When they are in full bloom they are in red mine is only 3 years old so it should be maturing next year.

  • Seeds or cutting
  • Perennial
  • Up to 40 feet
  • Full sun or partial shade
  • Plant when it’s warm
  • Moisture retentive, well drained soil
  • Keep on top of pruning

Hydrangea Annabelle

This amazing pompon white hydrangea will be perfect at the back of the garden next to some delphiniums. This is a plant that will take a few years to settle and this is most definitely best taken from a cutting rather than seeds. So I am going to have to keep my beady eyes open and my scissors in my pocket at all times.

I have a climbing hydrangea which has green white flowers and also a small blue one. My lovely neighbour has a black leaves deep purple flowers and she is giving me a cutting. Yay!

  • Seed, cuttings
  • Perennial
  • Partial shade
  • 5 feet tall
  • Flowers July to September
  • Take cuttings June or July
  • Plant May to September
  • Dead head dead flower, prune back

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