A big day for little legs: plants galore

My friend asked me if we wanted to go for a coffee, it’s been a while since we spent any time together. So I suggested we meet at the the park which is filirther away, then go for a pub lunch.

Frank walked for an hour before we headed to the nursery. His little legs were tired so he had a little nap in the car and then when we arrived he was adored by the staff and old ladies. Lots of garden nurseries let well behaved dogs in so Frank had a great time sniffing plants and looking at the ducks.

We ended up doing that but driving to a nursery and buying some plants….

I was surprised to see as much plastic as I did, faux flowers plants and lots of plastic pots. But then there was also lots of beautiful succulents and tropical house plants. I was watching Planterina and she was talking about what to look for when buying plants. It was enlightening and helped me choose some plants.

I picked 3 mini houseplants and a decent sized monstera.

I saw lots of plants that I want to grow next year so I have some idea of Pricing but I really need to get some pots and saucers and finish off the garden and my herbs before I start buying new plants. ( any more he he)

Frank is now curled asleep next to me, happy and tired.I am happy to, not just with my purchases, but seeing my friend and being in a a beautiful green space.

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