Plan with me: August bullet journaling

I love to plan. Generally I start out every month the same, just a long list of dates and days. I like to keep it simple, I think when it comes to bullet journaling people take it too far and put a lot of pressure on themselves to create impressive layout. Simple and clean is best although I do follow lots of bullet journal accounts for inspiration.

Bullet journaling is all about get organising and putting everything in one place. I found that conventional diaries put too much constraints on my day. So by creating my only monthly spreads and plans I feel more control.

I will create another monthly board with a list of blogs and reels and Instagram posts so that the rest of august will flow a lot better. I am learning times to post but mainly I don’t care that much.

When making plans the best advice I can give you is enjoy it. Take a moment, make yourself a nice drink, get out some pens and just plan.

The gladioli was blown off its stem by all the wind we have been having and I think it is so pretty I may get this photo blown up and framed. You can see the ghost writing of my Positive Mindset.

I planted my gladioli without thinking about them. I planted them too shallow and without thought of their height. I am in the process of replanning my garden layout and I definitely need to refine these plants when they die down.

Plans for August:

  • Repot herbs
  • 3 reels a week
  • 4 blogs a week
  • A book a month
  • Gut the dining room
  • Put pictures up in the bathroom
  • Clean carpet with rug doctor
  • Visit baby Payet
  • Meal with Becky

Not very exciting but still I need to allocate time and plan my month and days. The more work I do in the week the more time I can relax at the weekend. That’s the plan anyway.

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