Challenging myself in small ways

We went down to Thorpe Bay for a family celebration. I had been thinking about regrets and how I never regret going for a swim when we visit, but I always wish I had gone. I mentioned it to Gavin and he laughed at me . He never thought I would, he even woke me up in the morning to tease me about the tide.

I was too tired and a little hungover so I didn’t want to go. At 10am I decided to just do it, go for a little swim but the tide was out and I ended up walking for ten minutes and I still didn’t reach a decent depth so I just threw myself in. The water was beautiful, not to cold and all to myself. If it had been deeper I could have had a proper swim. I have decide that next time I will alway take my costume just in case I fancy a dip.

I felt a great satisfaction in challenging myself in small ways. And a greater satisfaction in achieving my goal.

It was a lovely weekend and next time I will get the tides right so I can enjoy myself.

I need to constantly take the plunge! it’s all part of having a positive mindset and taking actions. It also made me away of a few things I will share in my next blog.

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