Making the cut: time to really focus on a healthier start

It’s July, and time for a new start, a healthier start. I looked at myself in the photos of my last blog and I didn’t recognise myself, my body has grown.

I am at unhealthy weight and if I don’t stop now it’s going to get harder and harder.

My body has looked after me these last 20 months. I have been eating and indulging in what ever I wanted to eat without being completely aware of how much weight I have been piling on. I need to lose weight I am unhealthy, a lot of fat is covering my stomach and my thighs.

I don’t look good.

I don’t recognise myself and I am making myself miserable. It’s time to take more action. To get serious. My broken toe is healing so I am trying my first run this week.

Wish me luck?

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