I went for a run: healthier mindset and body

I broke my toe 5 weeks ago and I have been wanting to run ever since. So I tested the water and when for a very gentle twenty minute run.

My toe feels fine.

It was a hot sweaty morning and my body is a bit creaky but I plan on running again in two days. I am going to build it up gradually.

2 days

3 days

And then in between I am trying some home workouts to burn off some more calories. I am so unhappy with my my weight at the moment that I just need to focus on the good stuff. Eat well, exercise as look after my body. Keeping it simple is key. I am not allowed to drink Monday- Thursday to cut down on more unnecessary calories and I am sticking to no more that two cans of Diet Coke a day.

It’s time for a change and the time is now.

When I am fitter I am also happier. I know what I need to do and the simplest way to motivate me to run to set out my clothes for the next day. Everything else is already set up, I have been increasing my playlist with more songs to help me run. It’s about focusing on a healthier mindset will help me look after my body.

I can do this.

I am motivated.

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