Nine perfect strangers: So many people are alone

I have been watching a few tv shows recently and it really has opened my eyes up to how lonely some people are, even those in relationships. In nine perfect strangers it focuses on this. It upsets me to think about people being alone and lonely. Friendless or loveless and not happy.

It’s a really good show, sad, brittle I cry and laugh almost every episode but it does fill me with hope.

It also worries me how many people are lonely.

I am not talking about the millions of people who are happy living and being alone. I am talking about people who are lonely.

Who are wanting love in friendship or relationship form.

I don’t want people to feel so isolated and lonely. The more I watch Nine Perfect Strangers the more I think I need to reapply next year for Art Therapy. How i want to help people in what ever small way I can. It’s important work.

I hate the idea of lonely lost people and I want to improve the future. Make a difference.

I am going to start in my own community.

One response to “Nine perfect strangers: So many people are alone”

  1. Good to know that you want to help such people.


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