Creating flat lays takes effort

I love a flat lay, when a photograph on Instagram is taken from above and carefully curated. I wanted to create a lovely one about my bullet journal and it took far longer than I wanted. I have seen so many with cotton sheets that I thought I would try one with my cotton blanket.

Because it was a grey day with poor light I even had to set up lighting which to me is crazy. I am not the biggest fan of filters but I had to add one to brighten it all up. Again this is all for one photo!

I was too controlled, my soft curves of the fabric looked contrived rather than beautiful. Normally on Instagram I just snap a photo and go, I won’t wait more than a few seconds because for me it’s about snapping a moment. When it comes to flat lays you have to faff. Add and remove, more flowers less pages it’s a lot of work for one photo.

But I love them.

When I studied are I always scoffed at still life and now I find myself falling down a rabbit hole of still life flat lay images. They are my favourite. So I will continue to style them.

This is something I do for myself so I do enjoy it. It’s not perfect but I do like it, I just wish I had smoothed out some of the blanket a bit more.

It’s all a learning curve so I enjoy the journey.

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