A health kick I haven’t tried: giving up alcohol for a month

It’s my birthday in November and my weight is at a good level. I am planning to give up alcohol for October. It will be a nice health kick and it will help me lose a little weight.

As I am starting running again as I have a marathon in March and it would be good to start early, get fit and healthy.

Now, I love a drink.

Glass of wine, cocktail, gin and tonic but I don’t need it. I just had a boozy weekend and although I hade a wonderful time I think I need a break. I am nervous about this, but maybe it will encourage me to start drinking more water which is a much better health kick.

I hope I can do this. I hope I don’t give in and just have one. We don’t have any big party’s or nights out planned so I should be able to make smart choices and I do love a challenge.

Going sober for October sounds like a great challenge for me, a health kick I have never tried.

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