A night at the Opera: the Magic Flute

Lights up at the Opera house. The last time I was at the opera was over ten years ago when a friend invited me to Glyndebourne and it was amazing.

I studied a bit of opera at uni and had a very passionate teacher Malcom Griffiths who really brought it alive for all his students. We all chose an Opera and I chose A Handmaids Tale and my friends studied the Magic Flute. I love the music in the Magic Flute. It’s my favourite scene in Fifth Element and I got so excited when I got to see it live.

I wanted to get dressed up…. How often do you get the opportunity to get so grandly dressed. I didn’t buy anything new just a gold and black floor length dress. I whimper out of heels and just went for plain black flats but I topped it off with a jewelled headband and gold jewellery, plus my Jigsaw bag that I never wear and it’s super rare.

Gavin loves a Chinese restaurant so we went to Chinatown and and dim sum and then when for a few beers. I had no issue be so dressed up and wandering from pub to pub then ending up at the Royal Opera house for a very expensive glass of champagne. We caught up with our friend for a few minutes and then we went and found our seats.

It was incredible.

The sets, the costumes the singing. It was funny and beautiful and the music and singing was captivating. As someone who is obsessed with the moon and sun, when they made an appearance I just fell in love.

We precooked our drinks for the intermission and Gavin had a craving for ice cream. The second half held my favourite scene, I am not ashamed to say I cried every time she hit those high notes. It was beautiful.

Then the lights went up and it was all over.

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