Off the hook: drying sedums

I have some beautiful sedums in my garden and it turns out that they dry well. So I hung them upside down in the the tiny corridor between the kitchen and the bathroom. The boiler is there so it’s the perfect room for drying them.

I am happy to buy flowers occasionally but at the moment I may as well take advantage for the last of the colour plus it’s free.

It’s simple to do, you hang them upside down to keep the stalks straight and I have cut off the lower leaves as these will be in the vases. The colour is beautiful they are pinky red.

I am really starting to collect a lot of dried herbs, flowers, twigs and seed pods. A nice biophilic nod to the outside. A greener way to introducenature into your home without a carbon foot print.

These still need a bit more time to thoroughly dry out. I currently have some fresh ones in my sitting room which add colour without any sent. It wouldn’t surprise me if they take root. We will have to see.

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