6th of December catch up

My Christmas tree has been up almost a month, my wreath is complete and I am decluttering my dining room this week. I cant wait to be making some hearty winter meals and eating all the meat in the freezer.

Frank, my bulldog is feeling so much better but it has rained all day today so he didn’t want to go for a walk and has spent most of the day napping. I honestly didn’t know that dogs slept as much as cats. I really can’t wait to get kittens.

I haven’t run last week so I should really go for a run tomorrow my friend has been steaming a head whilst I have been stuffing my face with mince pies and chocolate eclairs… very healthy I know! I won’t deny myself food but I do need to get some more exercise.

I have a few plans coming up in the next few weeks and I am excited to experience them. On Saturday my friend had her annual Christmas party and it was wonderful as usual, very smart women discussing all things from kids to politics. I haven’t talked so much in ages, Frank was also invited but he was the only boy allowed.

So that’s it, a little catch up. I will try and write a lot more for the rest of the month. I hope you are all healthy and safe.

One response to “6th of December catch up”

  1. […] food, the lights, the cold nights, Christmas is definitely my happy place. Last year I made a wreath for my friend. This year I wanted to make a wreath for myself. I have had a berry one for years and I won’t get […]


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