Small goals for a new year

I wrote a post about toxic positivity and the pressure of following dreams and downfall. So I decided to set myself small, some necessary goals.

My goals last year were all achievable the only one I didn’t succeed at was my fitness and that was due to pure laziness but I have two events to work towards and and I may achieve a happier body in the next month if I work hard.

A job I enjoy

I want a job, I need my own income, my own independence and freedom. I was happy for the first year but now I am financially dependant I don’t like it. I want a job a reason to get up in the morning. I am sure that for me, working, having small purpose is better for my mental health. We may also be changing a few things this year which means we will need more money and less financial stress.

A little money pot

We need a new kitchen, it’s time to rip it out and put a new one in. With a job I can save. And if I have more money then I can have input into the appliances I want ( Bosch) and where they go. I am the cook in house hold, it’s my domaine so I really want a perfect kitchen that’s right for me.

Run that marathon and keep the fitness up

My half marathon is in March and my training so far has been a series of half arsed runs. I signed up so I would have to do it. A few years ago I was training but I was also going to the gym 4 times a week. Last year I wanted to run more and give up sugar in my tea, coffee and stop drinking so much Diet Coke, I was drinking at least 3 cans a day. Now I drink a single can of that. Sugar has been removed from my tea for over a year and coffee is only if we have filter coffee. Any bought coffee I don’t add sugar as the milk makes up for the lack of sugar. A small change but a good one.

We didn’t buy Christmas chocolate this year but I still ate lots of cheese and wonderful Christmas snacks. Small changes, I still refuse to starve myself but I do need to make better food choices. I may even give up alcohol for January but I haven’t agreed yet as I have a birthday and hen party so I don’t want to limit myself.

Hug my mum and dad

God I miss them. I have plans to see my dad in February for his birthday day and I am going to cry my eyes out when I have to leave him again. I am always a mess saying good bye. I also want to invite mor friends and family into my home. This covid nightmare isn’t going away anytime soon. So staying safe and entertaining from home is the way forward.

If COVID has taught us anything in the last few years is that gratitude is everything. Appreciate the people who love you whom ever they are. I call my sister most week nights and my mum most week days but it’s still to far and too long.

Declutter my home

It’s time, all the shit has to go. I hold onto things for too long, clothes that I will never fit into again. ( I have kept a few beauty’s for my niece) but the need to hold onto things is unhealthy and unnecessary. I decluttered my sitting room mantle piece and got rid of so much and it does look better, it’s easier to clean and easier to keep on top of.

I have a list of jobs to do this week whilst Gavin is not at work.

Bring some more fur babies into my life

A small goal but I need to really get Gavin to agree to this one. I don’t mean straight away.

Create my dream garden

I spent a lot of time in my garden last year, learning about how they grow and how much sun and water they like. Spending ten minutes a day in the garden was so peaceful. This year I would like to put my dahlias in the earth as most plants do do better in soil rather than in pots.

This year I have a David Austin rose, my clematis has been training up and this year I will have beautiful flowers. I have planted up all my tulips and daffodils so hopefully will have beautiful spring flowers. I dream about plants and gardens it makes me content.

That’s it. Seven goals that are not too big but all are achievable with a lot more focus.

3 responses to “Small goals for a new year”

  1. Small goals are wonderful and acknowledgment of any progress is crucial to long term success


  2. Happy New Year to you.


    1. And to you too!


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