Growing tomatoes from a M&S tomato

Marks and Spenser is a British institution and one of my favourite shops. It’s my favourite supermarket, it guarantees quality and I generally have no complaints, so when my tomato ( singular) came to 85p I was a bit shocked. M&S can be a wee bit more expensive than the rest of the supermarkets but their meat and dairy is good quality British farms. There fruit and veg is always beautiful, I begrudgingly hoped that it would be the best tomato I had ever eaten at that price and guess what it was. It was bloody lovely. Full of flavour, sweet and juicy.

So I am currently drying out a few seeds.

Marmande Tomato

If a tomato this good exists then I definitely want to grow it in my garden, that turns that 85p tomato into an absolute bargain, if it flowers and fruits.

So I bought a new seed tray and cover for it, costing £4.

So that a grand total of £4.85 for my new tomatoes. I sound like such a skinflint but 85p is a lot for a single tomato.

After a tiny google search I need to dry out the seeds for 3 days then I can plant them.

Their new house is waiting!

I will keep you updated on how they grow. Last year I plant twenty plants but all late. I grew an amazing 4 tomatoes from the twenty plants. I hope these marmande tomatoes grow, even if I just get one tomato I will be happy, and if I grow 6 I get my money back.

I am excited about this tomato challenge. It’s nice to make food from excess rather than buying a pack of tomato seeds.

Have you ever grown anything from your food shop?

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